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We have recently been trialing some new coffee from another local supplier that offers us not only a better price but a wider range of products from a wide variety of beans which we plan to bring out , they also can help with supplying us our packaging instead of sourcing it from China along with offering a lot more within the coffee industry such as coffee syrups and much more.

The Beans we have bean trialing have been from the same origin , regions did vary , which will produce a similar taste in some cases and the feedback has been pretty even tbh , with others liking the new beans and others preferring the previous beans, the feedback has been that the new beans are slightly stronger but i'm thinking of getting the roaster to roast them slightly lighter like previous beans.

As a small business owner its always a hard decision to make and in the meantime we will go with the new beans because from a business perspective as it makes more sense as we don't think the quality if the coffee has dropped due to it being locally roasted and as always fresh due to being roasted in small batches.

In the mean time I hope yous all enjoy the coffee and again thank you for supporting Soldier On Coffee Co .

Kindest Regards

Bryan Phillips BEM

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