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LCpl Bryan Phillips

Our founder LCpl Bryan Phillips BEM taking a short rest whilst in Afghanistan

Soldier on Coffee Co was founded by a British Army veteran who served 10 years in the Irish Guards doing tours of both Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2012, whilst on a foot patrol in Afghanistan, LCpl Phillips stood on an improvised explosive device resulting in the loss of both legs above the knee. 


Over the next few years - driven on by sheer grit, determination and generous helpings of black coffee - LCpl Phillips smashed his rehabilitation and is now a full-time prosthetic leg user, smashing whatever comes at him.


QUIS SEPARABIT - Who Shall Separate Us

My Story

LCpl Bryan Phillips

Our founder LCpl Bryan Phillips BEM posing for a picture whilst out on exercise in Kenya

LCpl Phillips believes that no-one should start their day without a coffee first. With a keen interest in coffee (instant coffee at this time), he began an in-depth investigation into the industry, looking at the pros and cons of instant versus ground.


In his own words, "All coffee is great but when you start to compare brands, blends, strengths and so opens a whole new dimension. Ground coffee has much more flavour and will give you a broader aroma, with more depth. Instant coffee is flat and often very bitter. Once you've had actual coffee brewed from ground coffee, instant coffee will seem very weak and flat in comparison." 


After L Cpl Phillips took the switch from instant to ground coffee, he hasn't looked back. He's now completed barista courses and continues to update his knowledge within the industry so he can provide his customers with amazing, great-tasting coffee that they will keep you coming back for.

L Cpl Phillips has huge plans and big ideas for this company, including bringing out more blends and merchandise that people will like and want so that they can show off to those poor tea drinkers. He's smart enough to know that this won't happen overnight and he will continue to ask for feedback so he can keep smashing things up.

Our founder LCpl Bryan Phillips BEM with his daughter Poppy laying a wreath to honour our fallen at Carrickfergus.
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