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Updated: Mar 5

So recently I changed over my website supplier from to a local Wix Partner whose company is called Spice Consulting based locally in Antrim.

At the start I was recommended Yell through a friend who had previously worked there and all was good at the start , but what was frustrating was the person who was designing the site had no clue what so ever about military or coffee , so I was getting sent images of American soldiers and phrases that were so cringey that there was no way that was going to be used on my website , but I finally got there possibly longer that I would have liked.

As I started to get comfortable with using the site and adding my products etc I wanted to take my website to the next level , not only did I find Yell hard to get hold of due to the many connections you've to go through but I also noticed they where very expensive after comparing to other E-Commerce businesses like over double the price.

I decided to break away from yell and I came across Spice Consulting , after some hassle yell finally transferred my domain over to Spice Consulting where they got straight to work , now only providing me with a top website but a website that suits the theme of my coffee , I now have peace of mind that my website is running to maximum potential and is getting found on Google a lot better which is what its all about end of the day.

Please check out the new online store and let me know what you think of it .

Until next time - Stay Caffeinated

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Bryan Phillips
Bryan Phillips
Nov 09, 2023

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